The e-MBA takes advantage of new technologies in order to allow employees and students who live far from the headquarters of the Foundation the opportunity to participate in the program, introducing the student to the logic of modern online collaboration tools.

The program uses GOOGLE’s G-Suite platform and provides complete educational material for all teaching weeks. In detail, in addition to the teaching of the course which the student can attend, each week the student through the Google Classroom application will have access to:

  • on the slides of the weekly material
  • in videos that analyze in detail part of the material that is considered difficult for the student to understand. In most of the courses, the videos cover all the weekly material
  • Indicative comprehension questions and answers
  • Multiple choice questions for student self-assessment

Also, each week there will be a fixed communication (in person or via video conference with the Google Meet application), during which the teacher will solve the students’ questions about the weekly material.

In addition, the student must prepare and submit 2 Written Assignments (WA) for each course. The assignments are graded with an excellent 10 and the student must score at least cumulative 10 in two assignments in order to be eligible to participate in the final examination of the course.

The Final Exams take place in class, and will include a combination of multiple choice questions and open questions.

The academic semester consists of 11 weeks of lessons which are broken down as follows:

  • 4 weekly lessons with exclusive distance learning
  • 2 weekly classes with classroom teaching aimed at deepening and preparation (MEP) for the preparation of written assignments
  • 5 weekly courses with classroom teaching for which full material is provided on the program platforms

Compulsory attendance concerns 50% of the weekly lessons. Consequently, a student living far from the program headquarters, with the 4 distance learning courses only needs to move 2 times to attend live courses.